I pride myself on being results oriented. I pledge to bring at least three motions to council within the first 90 days. Would you like to help? Please submit your ideas for my first three motions to City Council.

Here are some suggestions:

-How do we make Ward 12 a safer place to live and work?

-How do we protect the most vulnerable constituents in Ward 12?

-What ideas do you have on maintaining or reducing tax rates?

-How can we use existing infrastructure and buildings to offer more services to more people?

-How can we eliminate infrastructure rework? For example, tearing up a road to replace a sewer, then tearing up the road again next year for water lines.

-Ward 12 has over 1200 taxi drivers within its boundaries. Should new Ridesharing firms like Uber and TappCar be required to follow the same rules as traditional taxis?

-Many of the condominium units in our Ward are rented out to tenants. Condominium Boards often have little recourse when dealing with problem tenants. How do we solve this?

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