Congratulations to Councillor Banga On His Re-Election

We ran a great campaign. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get there. I wish Councillor Banga good luck in the next four years. Hopefully our campaign showed City Hall that change needs to be made and the Voice of Ward 12 must be heard. I will be watching closely over the next council term to ensure we are getting value for our tax dollars.

I must give thanks to all those who supported the campaign.  A big thank you goes out to the family and friends who have supported the campaign by walking the streets and knocking on doors every Saturday for the last five weeks. There is no way we could have reached so many people without you and I am eternally grateful for your work. I don’t know if I could ever repay your generosity. I also give thanks to those who supported me on social media, bumping my posts and defending my positions, thereby allowing me to reach even more voters. Thank you to the neighbours who signed my petition which allowed me on the ballot. Without your support, this campaign would have never even started. Finally, I give the greatest thanks to my parents, Mike and Leslie for their belief in me and never-ending support through campaigning, making lunches and being a sober second thought. None of this would have been possible without you.

I did this to make positive change in Ward 12; not simply to get a job. Even though we didn’t win this election, I will continue to be a voice in Ward 12, pushing for our needs. Hopefully the next term is better than the last. If I feel not enough has been accomplished, I vow to run again in 2021.

Don’t view this as failure. Look at all we have achieved together. Let’s celebrate our efforts and the shared experience over the last five weeks.